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SmartNodes supports proof-of-stake blockchains by providing enterprise grade validator services. Get rewarded by staking your crypto assets with us. Its fast, its easy, its secure.
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Earn Passive Income

Stake your crypto assets with us to earn passive daily rewards on our wide ecosystem of supported networks. We strive to contribute to these networks by providing validation services, nodes, tools and community support.

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Why choose us?

Here are some reasons why you will make the best decision by choosing us.

We use a multilayer security set up relying on private connectivities and public sentry nodes to mitigate any network attacks while maintaining continued backups and failsafe measures to optimize uptime. We use a mix of software and hardware key management solutions, 24/7 monitoring, and well-designed internal protocols to insure a highly secured architecture.


We use enterprise grade dell servers globally distributed across state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly data centers.


SmartNodes is highly rooted in the cosmos community. We are active across all our supported networks and strive to be a positive force within each ecosystem. We are highly available throughout our platform as well as our partners platforms and social media. We are committed to contribute and give back to the ecosystem systems and the communities we adhere to.

100% Slashing insurance

We offer all our delegators a protection of their funds in case of any slashing event due to downtime or technical difficulties resulting in missed blocks and rewards. Never lose any funds or miss out on any rewards due to uptime slashing.

Q&A with the different questions answered

Proof of Stake blockchains use staking as the security mechanism to keep nodes honest. You can help protect networks, while holding your crypto in your wallet, delegating them to a trusted validator. In return, you get rewards.

What is a validator?

Proof-Of-Stake blockchains rely on validators to secure the network. The role of a validator is to run a full node server and participate in the consensus protocol by broadcasting votes that contain cryptographic signatures signed by each validator. That way, validators commit new blocks in the blockchain and receive revenue in exchange.Validators also participate in the governance of decentralized networks by voting on proposals or crafting their own proposal for the betterment of the network.

By delegating your staking rights to a validator, you’re participating to the blockchain consensus vote by adding the weight of your tokens to the vote, helping block issuance, and getting rewarded for it by a share of the transaction fees and token inflation. It is one of the best ways to make your crypto assets work for you in a safe and secure fashion. By delegating your tokens, you earn daily rewards in the same token as your initial delegation. You can then redelegate these rewards daily, benefiting from a great compounding effect. Delegating tokens can be very rewarding as the reward rates can usually be very high depending on the chain. It is well documented that the cosmos ecosystem is community driven, meaning that new projects often use existing delegators to distribute their new project tokens in order to acquire a decentralized set of initial adopters. By delegating your tokens to a decentralized validator, you might qualify for such airdrops

Staking is the act of delegating your tokens rights to a validator. When you stake your tokens with a validator, they are “bonded”, meaning locked, for a set amount of time that differs from blockchain to blockchain. While staked, you earn blockchain rewards and are eligible to airdrops. Your tokens are still yours; they remain in your wallet and in your custody, only the right to participate in the consensus of the blockchain with your staked tokens is delegated to the validator.

Delegating isn’t without risk, your delegated tokens can be “slashed”, if certain things happen. Slashing is basically a tax that is paid by all delegators of the offending validator and by the validator himself. Slashing happens when a validator misses a certain number of blocks due to technical problem or the server being offline. Slashing occurs also when there is a double signing event, meaning the validator is voting on the consensus using its private validator key twice, simultaneously. This is a much rarer occurrence, as it needs intent or a huge mistake from the validator part to achieve.

SmartNodes offers to all its delegators a 100% uptime slashing insurance meaning that any slashing event due to downtime or technical difficulties resulting in missed blocks and rewards will be 100% covered and reimbursed by us. SmartNodes will pay back directly to the affected wallets all the rewards and token losses that occurred during said slashing event.

We strive to have a presence and support every cosmos ecosystem chain. If you would like to stake with us for a specific chain we don’t support yet, please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to update our services to meet your needs.

In case of any other question, please feel free to reach out to a team members on our social media or by mail at [email protected]